How To Add Volume Price To Products Already Added To Your Store

Volume pricing is a feature that allows you to add multiple prices to different volume sizes of a product. It is an upgrade to the already existing wholesale unit price feature.

For example, a PET (plastic) bottle of Coke (35cl) sells for N100. Arithmetically, twelve (12) bottles should sell for N1,200 (N100 x 12 units). However, in such cases, you most likely will apply a discount and sell at N1,100 (wholesale price) instead. Volume prices make it easier to set fixed pricing for different volume sizes for your product so it’s easier to select them when making a sale.

Here are some brief examples that you can set volume prices for:

1. Half (½) carton of biscuit

2. Three quarter (¾) crate of egg

3. One (1) sachet of a pain relieving drug

4. One quarter (¼) of a bag of rice

...and so on.

Follow these steps to add volume price to a product.

  1. Open the Shopkite Merchant app 
  2. You will see a “Sales” page
  3. At the bottom of the “Sales” page, you will see three Icons namely; “Sales” “Insights” and “Products”
  4. Tap on the “Products” icon to reveal the Products page
  5. Use the "Search for Product" or "Scan Product Barcode" method to search for the product in your store that you wish to add Volume Price to
  6. Tap on "Add Volume Price" 
  7. The options; Pack, Carton, Sachet, Crate and Bag will be displayed 
  8. Tap on the option that relates to your product.
  9. You will see another list of options; Quarter(¼), Half(½), Three-Quarter(¾) and One (1)
  10. Tap on "Quarter(¼)" (For example)
  11. A space for "Price" and "Unit Count" will be displayed for you to fill. 
  12. Put in the price at which you wish to sell the product at that volume size and the unit count that makes up the volume size. For example, Half (½) pack of Coke (35cl) will have a unit count of six (6).
  13. Then tap on "Add" at the bottom of the page. 
  14. Tap on "Half(½)" and repeat the process from step 11 (if applicable)
  15. Do the same for "Three-Quarter(¾) and One(1) (if applicable)
  16. When you are done with all of them, tap on "Save" at the bottom of the page
  17. Then tap on "Update Product" 

You have successfully added Volume Price to a product already added in your store. Repeat the process to add Volume Prices to other products in your store.